Osteopathic Student Bundle

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Below you can create your own bundle featuring the most useful products for your practice of Osteopathy. By putting the items together into a bundle you'll also save some money as well, always a good thing.

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Osteopathic Student Bundle
Osteopathic Student Bundle

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    Our most popular for Osteopathic students.  This bundle includes the most commonly purchased items used by students and practioners of Osteopathy.  By offering these items as a bundle you are able to take advantage of a significant discount included in the price.

    The core bundle includes the following items:

    • 22-part Disarticulated Magnetic Skull
    • Flexible Spine with Support
    • Flexible Foot Skeleton

    Options like different spine models, flexible hand skeletons and full skeletons can also be added to the bundle.


    22-part Disarticulated Magnetic Skull

    Available in both natural and didactic colouring this is our most popular skull (crane) model.  The model can be separated into 22 parts to help teach and learn the relationship between the individual bones.  Magnets make it easy to disassemble and assemble the skull.


    Standard Flexible Spine with Support

    The Standard Flexible Spine is the most commonly purchased spine that we carry and a great value and model for all levels of experience.  Optionally the spine can be purchase with portions of the femur to simulate the attachment of the lower extremities, an attached ribcage and also available with muscle insertions and origins painted on one side.

    Each bundle would also include the stand / support for the spine.


    Flexible Foot Skeleton with Ankle

    This model of the foot skeleton with a portion of the tibia and fibula is articulated using elastic cord, allowing movement of the bones.  The foot model will retain it's natural shape but is flexible enough to allow movement, manipulation and space between the bones to study the bevels and features.

    Have any questions or want some more information before ordering? Please call us at 1-888-243-6065

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