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  • How to resolve common problems with your Kilgore typodonts

    While we have had tremendous success with the D95 Kilgore/Nissin Typodont model, as with anything that is subject to wear and tear there can be some issues from time to time.  Below are some quick and easy tips to some of the most common questions that we encounter. Continue reading

  • The Best just got Better... See the Redesigned Standard Human Skull

    How do you make one of the best selling, best value human skull models even better? You make it easier to open and close, you make it more realistic and you keep it competitively priced. Continue reading

  • Why buy a new typodont when I can get one from a friend?

    We hear this question a lot. A few times a month at least. Some of you have really great friends that will sell you a pristine model and have very few issues... but more often than not we hear people regretting not getting a new model. Continue reading

  • Which Rubber Sheet do I need?

    One question we are often asked is "which rubber sheet should be ordered?"  The answer depends on the type of manikin you are trying to mount it on.

    To help you determine which rubber sheet you require we have put together the chart below. Continue reading

  • I've added items to my Wishlist... now what?

    We often get asked about the Wishlist feature on our website and wanted to take a minute to clarify the functionality of it.

    Continue reading
  • Handpiece Care


    The attention you pay and time you take to properly care for your handpiece can make a huge difference in the maintenance costs and longevity of your handpiece.  Below please find some tips and hints that will help you prolong the life of your handpiece:

    Continue reading
  • Understanding caries positions

    a21_11[1]Preparing and studying for several qualifying Dental board and school exams is stressful and complicated.  Let us help you make sense of at least a small part of it.

    Continue reading
  • 3D Human replicas have arrived

    We always get excited when our courier076_3D-Anatomy-Prints_20150 partners drop off new inventory and today was no different.  Today we got our first sample pieces of our exciting new 3D printed human replicas!

    High quality 3D scans of human cadavers by the Australian Monash University have provided the basis for easily reproducible, high quality human replicas.  No sculptures or compromises are made, this is the closest thing to a real cadaver, without all the costs and hassles of actually having a cadaver.


  • Welcome to the new Candent.ca

    Welcome to the new candent.ca.  We built this for you, our customer, our visitors, our friends.  We are also customers and shop online.  We like shopping on our phones and tablets.  We like easy navigation.  We wanted our site to follow those likes.  Now that we've told you what we like, we'd love to hear what you like.  Feel free to send us an email at suggestions@candent.ca.

    We'd love to know what would make the experience of browsing and shopping on our site better, easier and more natural for you.

    We are constantly trying to add new products, update images and descriptions.  Big investments have been made in the platform and infrastructure to help make orders and delivery a breeze.

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