3D Printed Human Replicas

Introducing the next generation of human replicas, where nature and technology come together to provide a unique view of the human body.  Meticulously scanned and modeled, these 3D replicas allow cadaver like realism while delivering tremendous value.

Carefully scanned and prepared cadavers from Monash University in Australia, combined with cutting edge production allow for a level of realism rarely seen.  Delivering lifelike quality in artificial form provides several benefits including: 

3D brain

  • Cost effective
  • No storage or maintenance costs like cadavers (lower lifetime total cost of ownership)
  • No toxic chemicals used for storage
  • Fewer ethical issues on procurement or usage
  • No regulatory barriers or licensing issues
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Below is a comparison of a 3D replica on the left and an actual cadaver specimen on the right

 The newest products representing 3D replicas, these hearts models offer a natural look into the structures of the human heart.  With some models cast from flexible material with cutaway sections the inner workings can be seen.  Ideal of teaching, demonstration, preoperative preparation and planning.  Models with hollow arteries also allow demonstration of stent and other vascular procedures.




3D Human Replicas3D Human Heart Replicas